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Development of a mudguard system solution in trucks and buses based on an innovative solution preventing the accumulation of snow and slush, increasing the safety of road users.   The project aims is to achieve product innovation on a global scale - a wheel cover system for trucks / buses with a clogging free system (allowing for effective removal of snow and slush from the mud flap), as well as to development of proprietary manufacturing technology. The expected effect will be concept of an innovative mudguard system solution consists of:
  1. 1. Proper construction splash
  2. 2. A fastening system to support the removal of snow or dirt from the surface of the mud flap. Fastening should be designed to transfer vehicle vibrations to the mud flap, which will lead to improved clogging free properties.
  3. 3. Wheel arches that will be integrated with the mud flap (apron) using a mounting system for later sale as a complete finished
system.   Total project value is: 10.978.586,83 zł UE subsidy: 5.218.567,59 zł