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NovoTurf is the trendsetter in the turf-matting segment catering to a varied set of industries including numerous Corporates, Public Sector Units, Health Sector, Private enterprises and the Hospitality industry. Moreover, its over a million satisfied customers is a testimony to this fact.


Keeps dirt outside and out of sight

They are made from high-grade polymer with a unique technology. NovoTurf's specially designed tufts scrapes the dirt and muck off the footwear and keeps it out of sight. This gives the mats always a clean look. These mats are anti-skid, non-toxic and washable too.

Advantage Novo Turf

  • Hygienic & Non-toxic
  • Multipurpose Usage
  • Anti - Skid
  • Elegant & Stylish
  • Weatherproof & Waterproof
  • Highly Durable
  • Maintenance Free


  • Entrance : Lobbies, Pathways and Passages
  • Indoor : Shops, Showrooms, Restaurants and Theatre
  • Household
  • Corporate Office
  • Luxury Coach
  • Railways
  • Malls