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3S Rainflaps is a solution for Spray Suppression. These flaps consist of unique surface formed by multiple tufts / grass blades with a strong and sturdy backing. This surface contains the water spray and reduces the pulverization / spray of water thus limiting formation of water spray. It absorbs the kinetic energy and guides the water downwards. The containment of spray improves visibility considerably when the trucks move on wet roads.

3S Novo Tech Spray Suppression Flaps conforms to European legislation for energy absorbing flaps.

NOVO TECH SP Z O.O. manufactures innovative value added plastic products for the automobile sector, employing latest techniques of plastic processing. Novo Tech product range includes Spray Suppression Flaps, Fuel Tanks, De-aeration Tanks, Air Intake Ducts, etc. The multinational group has production facilities located in Thailand, UAE (Middle East), India and Poland.

From its strategically located unit at Poland, NOVO TECH SP Z O.O. caters to the requirement of all major European and CIS destinations.