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Cleaner drive with 3S Rain Flaps

Heavy vehicles when moving on wet roads throw up water spray creating poor visibility. This creates a dangerous situation both for the driver view of overtaking lines and even for following vehicles. The water splashing with high velocity on conventional Rainflaps brakes into fine spray and remains suspended in air for a considerable period of time.

3S Rainflaps is a solution for Spray Suppression. These flaps consist of unique surface formed by multiple tufts / grass blades with a strong and sturdy backing. This surface contains the water spray and reduces the pulverization / spray of water thus limiting formation of water spray. The containment of spray improves visibility.

3S Novo Tech Spray Suppression Flaps conforms to European legislation / EEC Standards for energy absorbing flaps.

While rigid backing provides necessary strength, it is flexible enough for easy fitment. Design allows easier cleaning and maintenance.

3S is preferred over other flaps as it is light in weight, and easy to work on.

3S is durable even in low temperature. 3S Rainflap can be offered with customized logo for branding in single or multicolor.


3S Rainflap


Conventional Metal Flap


The Simulation Test Carried Out Confirms Drastic Improvement In Visibility Due To Suppression Of Spray.



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